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Italia in Limousine



Three hundred years ago Europe’s aristocracy travelled to Italy on a Grand Tour in search of personal inspiration. 
Led by knowledgeable guides, this privileged elite delighted in dramatic landscapes, the relics of classical antiquity and the pursuit of pleasure.
Some were so smitten that they never returned home...

Today Red Travel will take you on a tour that encompasses all that is finest in Italian life.
Red Travel is glad to present a new luxurious way to discover Italy: Italia in Maserati, you may choose to self explore Italy at the wheel of a brand new Maserati, fully assisted by Red Travel staff with a concierge service at your disposal for 24hours/7 days, a detailed road-book to guide you through countryside roads dotted with villages of incomparable beauty, as well as the most attractive spots in world-renowned cities. Or you may decide to visit Italy in a complete relaxing way while a professional chauffeur drives you wherever you want, whenever you like!

Each journey is a blend of art, fashion, architecture, gastronomy and spectacular scenery, enriched by the use of a sublime car such as Maserati Quattroporte, able to combine luxury and elegance, style and performance.

Red Travel offers you privileged entry into a most exclusive elite.
You join the nobility of travellers who are welcomed to share sights that are achievable only by the most fortunate visitors.
For we draw on all our vast experience and knowledge to find the special views...the hidden locations...the keys to closed doors. In short, the very essence of Italy. That is luxury travel of the highest order

A level of personal service second to none, a holiday that’s as individual and unique as you are. This is Italia in Maserati.


The new Red Travel brand Italia in Maserati experience is glad to present a few sample individual programmes, which may all be tailor-made based on your requests. Red Travel programmes are designed on each guest' specific need, therefore we can visit any major cities or minor locations in Italy, as well as offer you any service at your choice. Just ask for your personalized programmeand we will send you a proposal.

Please note that all programmes may be tailored to your requests in terms of length, services and destinations.



We tailor made programs for discerning VIP guests